What Is AutoShip andhow can it help you?

Autoship is a feature we offer here at Stages of Life Vitamins, that allows our customers to set up an automatic renewal and payment for their supplements. Similar to a subscription service, you as a customer can pick and choose which supplements you would like to be purchased and shipped to you on regular basis. You also have the ability to control the frequency you may need your supplements by selecting if you want that supplement to be shipped to you every 1,2,3 or even 4 months.

We send out a reminder through email before each delivery just in case you have any changes you would like to make. 

Once you are all signed up you will receive a permanent 15% discount on each recurring order, and you can cancel at any time ! 

1. Select the quantity you wish to purchase. 

2. Check the circle for "Autoship & Save 15% ($$$/ea) on each and every item, on each and every delivery!"

3. Select the frequency of months you wish to have your product sent to you. "Autoship every (1,2,3, or 4) Month(s)" 

4. Click "Add to Autoship Cart", and you're all set to checkout or keep shopping. 

That's it! Enjoy the convenience and savings of our Autoship program.